Please ensure you read through this FAQ before asking any questions! Otherwise your question may not be answered. Thank you for understanding :)

Is this zine for profit or non-profit?

This zine will be non-profit! We plan on donating all profits to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) due to recent events in the US.

How will contributors be compensated?

All contributors will be receiving a free copy of the zine as well as all merch. They will not be required to pay shipping either as that will also be covered by us. As this a charity zine however, contributors will not be receiving any further monetary compensation, all additional profits will be donated directly to the chosen charity. The same applies to us as mods.

Will this zine be digital or printed?

This zine will both have a pdf and printed physical version available for purchase once pre-orders open. Additionally there will also be merch bundles available for purchase.

Is this zine art only?

Nope! This zine is open to artists as well as writers.

How do I apply?

Please read our page on applying here.

Am I allowed to apply for more than one position?

You may apply as both a writer and an artist if you wish, however bear in mind you will only be accepted for one of the two positions.

Is traditional art allowed?

As long as you can provide a high quality scan of your work, traditional artists are more than welcome to apply!

How many contributors will you be accepting?

We will be accepting 28 artists and 7 writers.

Can final pieces include manga only characters?

Yes they can! Provided the existence of these characters are not huge spoilers. If you are unsure, feel free to send us an ask!